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The well-known Newport Beach interior designer, KELLEY MICHAEL DOYLE, shows how to prepare 30 of his great SoCAL cuisine experiences - at our Special Introductory Price of $15. This is the third in our cuisine series.


TODAY IN ACAPULCO: Simply Mexican Cookbook

The Chef-Owner of Acapulco's "Mi Barquito", offers over 30 recipes of Traditional dishes for even the most amateur aficionado of traditional Mexican dishes - at our Special Introductory Price of $15.00.  This is the second on our cuisine series.



Buy our latest title at Special Holiday price of $15.00. Bulgarian Cookbook. Today in Bulgaria, Everyday Regional cooking. This is the first of our cuisine series.


Huellas en el Camino Real


This is our first title in Spanish. Este titulo es en Espa?ol. Hispanic & Latino History, their influence in American & US History seen from the West Coast.
La Historia de las Misiones en California.


America in France 1917-1919

AMERICA IN FRANCE 1917-1919. This CD-Rom Book takes you along with the AEF Engineers in France as they lay rails from the ports to the Front during World War One. One of the most complete studies of American war effort during WWI.

To learn more about it, just click on the image.

TIN PANS RAGS & GREASE PAINT. This one is a Guide to Collectible Sheet Music. All the information you always wanted to learn about collecting in general & sheet music in particular, including the History of the American Music Publishing industry ...

Click on the image for more information.


21 Footprints on El Camino Real The California Missions TWENTY ONE FOOTPRINTS ON EL CAMINO REAL. This CDrom Book deals with the History of the California Missions. Their creation, the problems establishing them... etc. A Must for any library, school or serious student of Hispanic History.
Hitoric Tours of Washington D.C.   HISTORIC TOURS OF WASHINGTON, D.C.  This is an interactive CDrom of our Capital city. See the most important monuments from the skies of the early XXthe century, the Capitol building, Arlington Cemetery, Ford Theater...  It is a great gift idea.
Working Together WORKING TOGETHER is an interactive Multimedia Tool Book destined for managing Special Education students. Teachers - and parents - can track the progress of Special Ed students. By Lanna Andrews (Professor Special Ed. University of San Francisco). 

This Title is Mac Compatible.

CD Audios


A Ragtime Feast Vol #1 Hunter & Turpin

Forgotten Rags Vol #1. This is a great music CD - the first volume of our series dedicated to "Forgotten Masterpieces" of Ragtime composers. This one is dedicated to Charles Hunter and Tom Turpin. 

Click on the image for more information.

Forgotten Rags Vol #2. This title is the second in our series of "Forgotten" Ragtime Music. This one is dedicated to Scott Joplin, the well known Ragtime composer, but features his lesser known pieces. No need to introduce his work. Enjoy it.

Click on the image for more information.

Ragtime Feast #3

Forgotten Rags Vol #3. This title is the third of our series. This one is dedicated to Charles L. Johnson.   Great sound recording done in Paris studio.

Click on the image for more information. NEW TITLE!!

Forgotten Rags Vol #4. This title is out now.  It features James Scott!! 

Click on the image for more information. NEW TITLE!! 

Check out our Virtual Tour of  our CD-ROM book on WWI: America in France 1917-1919

Check out our "extra features" complimenting our CD-ROM book: Tin Pans, Rags & Grease Paint. At this time, we have the story of the Tin Pan Alley publishing house: Witmark & Sons.

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