Today in Bulgaria:
 Everyday Regional Cookbook

We are proud to present our first Multimedia title on Regional Cooking. This latest CDROM book is not only a "classical" recipe catalog, it is also an Interactive Guide to Bulgarian and Balkan cuisine. Read not only the recipes but see how the dishes are prepared using our latest videos. Our Tip guides help the reader to see the dishes as they are prepared.

Author: Margarita Kostova.


Also includes Original Tours of Bulgaria, see the great ancient Black Sea cities, Varna, Sozopol, Nessebar, as well as Plodiv, Sofia, Veliko Turnovo, Sliven, Karlovo, ...

Each Cookbook has 3 sections:

1. Traditions of each regional cuisine.
2. Recipe Card Files with images.
3. Cooking tips on video.

Along with all the Interactive Tools possible: Find function, Music, Video clips....

Coming Soon: TODAY IN SPAIN!



See how to prepare Round Bread, Baklava, Moussaka, Tivichi, Kebape, Solenki, Chopska Salad - one of the most well- known regional dish from Sofia -  Giant Crepe, Toutmanik, Kiufteta, Kebache, Roasted Cheese, Walnut Cake, Banitza, .. and many more. All the recipes are easy to prepare in any Kitchen. Become a Master Bulgarian Chef in no time.

 Easy to make. See the videos, see the how- to, and then try it yourself. 

  The easy to use recipe list allows user to search for a specific dish. Easy search with the FIND button.

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